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Top 5 best Internet Jobs

India is a potential country with so many online users looking to generate income working online either as full time or part time. Although there are hundreds of websites available in Internet posting jobs, people often gets confused and having questions in their mind as follows:

  1. Where to search for the best online jobs available?
  2. How to start? What skills do I need?
  3. Does it really worth spending time without knowing the results?
  4. Are others really making money on Internet?
  5. How long it will take to start generating some income?
  6. Do I have to pay money to get started?
  7. Do I need to have knowledge working on Internet, computers, etc?
  8. Is it going to be a long-term business or just work for pocket money?
  9. Is the Internet restricted ? Are there any online jobs available globally?
  10. Lots of scams, frauds, cheatings happening in Internet, how to identify them?

The questions don't stop with 10, the list goes on .. The answer is both YES and NO. Internet is such a wonderful platform where your reach is broad and hence the results are also broad. The success of any internet job opportunity depends on YOU. If you are really serious about making money on Internet, you should also have the maturity to undergo a learning path to discover the secrets.Remember one thins, the results don't come on the first day itself. Most of the people quits because they don't see any results coming through in the initial days.

However, with proper guidance and by continous learning, one can achieve their dreams with the help of Internet. So, to start with, here I have listed the top 5 Internet opportunities available today for one to choose:

Top 5 Online Jobs:

1. Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense program is an excellent opportunity for one to make money online. You should have a simple website or blog created first. If you already know how to create a website or a blog, the job is easy. If you are a beginner to website designing, html, etc., I would suggest that you try opening a blog first. A blog can just be created within 5 mins by logging in to In order to participate in Google Adsense program, your blog should look good and should have some good content in it. Once you are happy with your blog, you can apply with Google Adsense visiting and signup as a publisher. Google takes few days to review your blog / website and may approve or reject your application.

Now let us assume that Google has approved your application. All next you have to do is login to your adsense account and start creating Ads for your blog. You might want to spend some time to understand how to create text ads or image ads or link unit ads, etc, inside the adsense control panel provided to you. Once you are ready with the ads, its time to install those ads in your blog. You will be happy to see big big brands flasing as advertisements in your blog on the top/sidebars/bottom as you choose to place them wherever you want.

Now coming to the game of making money, its the number game. The amount of money you want to make is directly proportional to the number of people visiting your blog or website. There are high chances that people who visit your blog, they click on the advertisements flashing. Google tracks each and every clicks of such advertisements and will pay you based on the cost that advertiser is willing to pay per click. Here the beauty is Google takes their comission of ony 30% for the service what they provide, the rest 70% is for you. So you decide how much money you want to make and start working on bringing visitors to your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing

There are several companies which offer income opportunity through affliate marketing. To understand affiliate marketing, you should first understand about the terms Advertisers, Publishers and the intermediater who links both of them and make a little commission for them.

Advertisers - are those several online companies want to promote their products and services to their customers. Most of these advertisers will have their website portals already established and running.

Publishers - are those affiliates who work as part time or full time helps the advertisors to bring traffic to their portals. The affiliates use several techniques such as Email marketing, Search Engine Optimasation, etc., through which they forward visitors to advertisors. They get paid commissions based on leads generated or sales which generated as a result of their efforts.

Intermediator - are those companies which hosts a platform for the Advertisors and Publishers to register with them. They provide complete tracking of all activities carried out by the publishers. As a publisher one becomes an affiliate to the advetisors and they get the commission paid through the intermediotors.

3. Forex Trading

If you are a risk taker and want to make fast money, try this option. Forex trading needs some capital investment to start with. Atleast about $ 100 which is a fair number to start with. You will need to undergo some training program about how to trade carefully to make profits and avoid losses. I would suggest that atleast trying a demo account for 1 week and consistantly monitor your trading performance. Once you are happy that you have learnt enough, fund your account with dollars and start making money.

You can start a trading account with iForx, Instaforex, etc., there are lot of providers available with as min as $10 and start trading. There are several tricks and tools available through which you can guess majority of situations where you can trade and generate profits. However, if your judgement is not right and if you have not adapted safety measures such as stop loss facility etc., you might end up with huge losses to the extent, your total capital funds might wash away in just minutes.

However, having all the challenges, with a determined mindset and with you maintain proper disciplene while trading, you can definitely make huge profits. To start a trading account, you must have an account with Liberty Reserve or any other equivalent payment gateway system to transfer your funds. Similarly you may withdraw funds through these gateways.

4. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the best online opportunity for people who want to make some extra cash working 2-3 hrs from home or office. There are hundreds of best and free survey sites where you can signup, provide your profile details and start receiving online surveys by email or in your account at survey sites.

Just complete these surveys by clicking on the survey links and make money from this cool work from home job.

5. Paid to Click Ads

This is perhaps one of the simple and easy online job. You can work from home, office or even an internet cafe. You will be provided with tasks to click on advertisements sent to you through email or through a control panel where you will be paid based on completing these tasks. Usually the tasks will be simple to just go through the online ads and click on the ads until it opens in a new window.

There are 2 ways you can earn money from these home based job sites after you signup.
First is that when you join with these sites, just login to these sites where you will find number of ads. Just click these ads, check them for 10-20 seconds and you are get paid.

The other way of making money from this home based job is to refer the people to these sites. So when they join, you earn certain commission.

These 5 online jobs above are not the only jobs which are available online. There are plently and each opportunity has different dimensions to understand and little smart work is required to generate income in Internet.

You will get answers for all the questions you have about Internet jobs and its success, once you start working. You can start putting efforts with zero money in hands, but ultimately if you understand the opportunity and move in the right direction, definitely you can make income like some of the millionairies in the universe making huge money in Internet.



  1. Thanks for the update regarding the jobs available.

  2. Thanks for the update regarding the jobs available.