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Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd

Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd


Apparels, Home Appliances, Personal Care.


Naswiz prides itself in having a strong IT background. We are a group of individuals having a cumulative experience of decades in IT industry and in Direct selling. Our software expertise is strength of our business. The team have developed software solutions for many corporate, government and semi government customers. We are serving lot of International customers also. Our core telecom solution is being vastly utilised globally wherein we have fortune 500 companies, international banks and various government entities as our customers.


Home Appliances, Personal Care, Premium Ties, Men's Suit, Naswiz Perfect Combo & more..

Business Plan

1. Incentives
a) Direct Sales Incentives (5% to 30%)
b) Team Performance Bonus
c) IP Level Bonus
d) IP Leadership Bonus.

2. Group Sales Incentives

3. Club Income

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