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CHAMP CASH - Make money through Android App

You can Refer a Friend and complete challenge to earn money with Champ Cash. Sign up and you will be given a challenge in the form of installing some apps (all apps are free). when your referral the challenge you can see your payout has been transferred in your ChampCash account. You can redeem your payout in the form of mobile recharge or by direct cash deposit.

How it works?

Step 1 : Install and Register With ChampCash

Install ChampCash on your android phone and register with ChampCash.

Step 2 :Complete the Challenge

After successful registration, you have to ask to complete the challenge. The challenge is just installing some apps. Once you complete the challenge you will become the part of our Networking network.

Step 3 :Refer To Your Friend

Once you become member of our Networking network, you can refer your friends to earn more money. You will get paid on every user you refer.

Step 4 :Earn Unlimited

As Your Referred Friend Joins with ChampCash and Completes the Challenge then You and Your Above 6 Levels will get its payment in Following Way.
You will get 50% of direct refer and 10% of each user till 5 levels. After 5 levels you will get 5% of each user payout. Users will get payout only after they complete challenge. You can join unlimited direct user by using your affiliate link. In the following example it is shown that how people are getting commission up to 7 levels.If you Refer anyone then he will be at Your Level 1 and You will get directly 50% from him.In the same manner Commission will be distributed to your above levels according to the shown commission rate.

Step 5 :How Much I can Earn ?

As According to Our System we are Distributing Commission of 1 Joining upto 7 levels.Below is the Example of Earning if We have to Distribute $2 Per joining and Every Publisher will Join 10 people in his network.

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