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Wor(l)d your network - A new try

WOR(l)D stands apart as a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies. Employing the brightest minds and best professionals, WOR(l)D constantly invest in great ideas and highly motivated people.

To participate in the Project mCell 5G is simple. Everyone installing and using a SpaceStation and SpacePhone contributes to the creation of a private, global network of Micro Cells. This network uses mCell 5G technology to provide users with a more reliable, faster connection to the Internet at almost no cost, and at the same time offloads traffic from leading mobile operator networks to our own private mCell 5G network, generating a better user experience and significant savings for all users.

When SpacePhone 5G connects to any mCell 5G network or an approved WiFi network, it will automatically switch the connection and communication to our platform, generating revenues for us instead of going to the leading operators. These revenues will be shared with all community members who contribute by installing SpaceStations around the globe.

The more SpaceStations you install, the more money you save and the more money you continue to earn on your connection, your communication and the communications of the global Space community.

Space Lumia is another product like a smartphone in the form of spectacles which gives you freedom to move anywhere and control through eye movements.

This project is in very beginning stage. If you are interested to enroll, leave your details below:

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