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Nuveres is going International - Indian natives can now join in USA

Before launching India, NuVerus is opening the opportunity to the Indian community in the USA and Trinidad & Tobago. If you are a Doctor, Professional, experienced network marketer, or entrepreneur, this is a perfect opportunity. Soon NuVerus will be launching in your country 1.3 billion people.

India citizens of the USA and Trinidad & Tobago can join NuVerus now in the residential country. Benefits of joining now:

- Secure a ground floor position in the NuVerus genealogy.
- Be the first to share the opportunity with other native friends, family, and prospects in the USA and Trinidad & Tobago.
- Be in a position for potential SPILL of future Associates into your organization now.
- Be the first to share the opportunity in India when NuVerus launches in 2012.
- Be in a position for potential SPILL of future Associates in India when we expose this opportunity to 1.3 billion India citizens.

Products List:

  • SuperFood for the World
  • Manufacturing Certifications
  • NuVerus euforia
  • NuVerus Infusion™
  • NuVerus Plus™
  • The NuVerus Plus Story
  • NuVerus Plus Ingredients
  • The NuVerus Plus vs Food
  • The Benefits of Nigella Sativa
  • ORAC Testing
  • CAP-e Testing
  • NuVerus Brain Power™
NuVerus Omega Plus™
Omega Plus
Omega Plus Story

How it Works

Step 1: Join for Free as an NuVerus India Independent Business Associate and receive:
  • Valuable Position in the NuVerus India Downline
  • Wholesale Pricing on NuVerus India Products
  • Ability to earn base level Commissions with the NuVerus Prosperity Plan
Step 2: Choose a Fast Start Product Package
  • A personalized NuVerus Global website for 1 year.
  • A personalized NuVerus Management and Training Virtual Office for 1 year.
  • Products for you and your family
  • Products for samples
  • You will earn higher level commissions at 10%, 15%, or 20% based on the Fast Start Package you choose
Step 3: Enroll in the Monthly Order Assurance Program
  • Each month you will want products for you and your family
  • Each month you will want to share sample with new prospects
  • Your monthly order ensures you are qualified to earn commissions and bonuses
Step 4: Learn the NuVerus 6 Step System
  • Six Daily steps to Success
  • Use the Products - Share Results - Share Samples - Share the Business Opportunity - Enroll Customers - Enroll Associates and Duplicate
  • Go the Training Library in your Associate Virtual Office as soon as you join to start your Training
Step 5: Immediately start sharing samples and Marketing Materials with Friends, Family, and Prospects
  • Sharing samples of NuVerus products is the fastest way to build your business
  • Host product parties or meet 1-on-1 with the people you know
  • Use the NuVerus Business tools to share the Associate Opportunity
Step 6: Sponsor Associates and Customers
  • Sponsoring online is easy from your Associate website.
  • New Associates can enroll from your web site or at the NuVerus India Office or by phone with NuVerus Customer Service
  • New Customers can Shop online from your web site or at the NuVerus India Office or by phone with NuVerus Customer Service
  • Our Global software system automatically manages your business for you
Step 7: Earn Commissions and Bonuses
  • Commissions and Bonuses are credited to your NuVerus account weekly
  • Use your commissions to purchase more products
  • Use your commissions to requests a commissions check. Checks mailed weekly
Step 8: Build our way to Freedom
  • Earn Fast Weekly Income
  • Earn Long Term Residual Income
  • Qualify for a NuVerus Luxury Care Bonus
  • Qualify for our Global Bonus Pool and share in Global Sales of all Associates
  • Qualify for Luxury all-expense trips with top NuVerus Leaders and Success Coaches
  • Enjoy the Freedom of your NuVerus Lifestyle
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