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How Binary Plan Works - Good illustration

Binary Compensation plan has been the base foundation for many MLM companies. Many people think that Binary plan brings quick money and powerful than other traditional product based compensation plans.

If you are new to MLM and want to understand how the Binary Compensation Plan works, watch the below video:

Adooye & Hoshisms case update from Times of India

The modi operandi are all similar: Launch a website, spread the word through advertisements, lure customers into investing money in get-rich-quick schemes, and disappear one day with all that money.
Times of India had on October 14 reported about a firm named, which had cheated thousands of people (see box). While this case has now been transferred to the Central Crime Branch (CCB), Hoshisms' case is being investigated by the Vyalikaval police.
According to the FIR, a copy of which is with TOI, Hoshisms, an online multilevel marketing firm, collected membership fee ranging between Rs 2,800 and Rs 70,000 for providing advertisements wherein the members were paid Rs 50 per advertisement. These advertisements were of big brands such as Gucci, Cafe Coffee Day et al.
The complaint reads: "...I learnt about Hoshisms through a friend. According to the business plan, we had to invest some money to get a user ID and password, using which one had to click and view advertisements for which money was to be paid everyday. In addition, if one introduced new members, more money was promised."
"The investment starts from Rs 2,800 and goes to a maximum of Rs 70,000 valid for 100 working days (except Sunday). After that we can renew our user ID with re-investment. For example, if one invests Rs 2,800, we were to get paid Rs 70 a day for one advertisement and we'd earn Rs 7,000 for 100 days," the complaint further adds.
He said he got into the business in July and even introduced his colleagues, friends and neighbours to it.
"By August, they changed the renewal plan to 50 days from 100 and asked us to re-invest if we want to continue and we did. In the last week of August, we did not receive payments and a week later we got a message saying an ongoing audit was causing the delay. From September 29, no payout was shown and advertisements on the website have stopped," he said, adding he and his team have lost Rs 6 lakh, prompting him to lodge the complaint.

The police said the investigation is on and that a person called Ashok, said to be the representative of the firm in Bengaluru, has been made the second accused (the firm is the first).


Online fraud case goes to CCB
Investigation of an alleged fraud by, another online marketing firm which is accused of having cheated thousands of people, has been transferred to the CCB.
When TOI first reported the case in October (Online firm shuts shop after promising customers money) there were a group of complainants from Bengaluru. But CCB sleuths now say that several people from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities are calling in with details of how they were cheated, which is one of the reasons why the case was transferred to them from a local police station. Vasanth Aditya of Kreetam Law Associates, which is helping the victims fight the case, says: "There are more such firms. We are now helping the police in investigation and also trying to create awareness among people to stop investing in such firms."


Adooye AD Marketing Company launched Binary and Ad posting jobs

Adooye is a platform where consumer gets their benefit from brand factories and to be  connected with their favorite brands, and this is track of Adooye that brands can make systematically direct communication with their consumers. Its an innovative idea of two Australian founders: Mathew Reichgruber and Alessandro Sen.

Good new is that you can use your credit card to join Adooye.

How to earn Ad income from Adooyee?
You will be provided with a login panel wherein you will see 10 Advertisement on daily basis on which you need to click or select and by doing so your task will be achieved and you will be rewarded for that according to your package.

How to redeem earned points?
  • Transfer to your bank account.
  • Transfer to your Adooye card.
  • Shop at an Adooye partner in your city.
  • Shop at an Adooye online partner.
Adooye Business Plan:

Package 3000

  • Daily 10 Ads
  • 140 Days
  • 5 RP per ad x 10 Ads 50 points per day
  • 140 Days x 50 RP = 7000 RP
  • Total Earning 7000 RP
  • One Branded Shopping Card With free Points

Package 6000

  • Daily 10 Ads
  • 140 Days
  • 10 RP per ad x 10 Ads 100 points per day
  • 140 Days x 100 RP = 14000 RP
  • Total Earning 14000 RP
  • One Branded Shopping Card With free Points

Package 12000

  • Daily 10 Ads
  • 140 Days
  • 20 RP per ad x 10 Ads 200 points per day
  • 140 Days x 200 RP = 28000 RP
  • Total Earning 28000 RP
  • One Branded Shopping Card With free Points

Package 25000

  • Daily 10 Ads
  • 140 Days
  • 44 RP per ad x 10 Ads 440 points per day
  • 140 Days x 440 RP = 61600 RP
  • Total Earning 61600 RP
  • One Branded Shopping Card With free Points

Become A Promoter to Get More benefit


5% of the personally Referred Plan Package Value



Pair income 1:1 and 2 directs left and right

Carry Forward: In Binary system power team (the side having more ad packs) is always carried forwarded for the next day and the weaker side is paid for. Let's take an example that in your "Left Team" there is a sale of 10 "Ad Packs", and in the "Right Team", you have only 5 sale. In this case, you will be paid for 5 : 5 = the next day your binary table will show 5 : 0 (Power team carried forwarded and weaker paid for).


  • Member Can request FREE SHOPPING CARD only one time.
  • Member will get some additional points in FREE SHOPPING CARD.
  • Member Can REQUEST MORE CARD By using his Wallet reward points.
  • Member Can recharge Branded Prepaid shopping Card by using his wallet reward points.
  • Paid member will get Daily 10 Ads.
  • After 20 days of watching Ads, reward points will credit in wallet.
  • Member can give bank request any time
  • Member Can Withdraw Min 500.
    • 500 to 1000 withdraw 20% deduction
    • 1001 to 25000 withdraw 15% deduction.
  • Binary eligible 1:1 and two direct compulsory.
  • Left one right one direct compulsory for binary eligible.
  • Daily Capping 25000 reward points.
  • After 140 days if member Re-upgrade his ID Up liner will Get Again Binary Points.
  • Account validity will be of 140 days only, afterwards the account should be renewed.
  • To continue the same account you need to renew the account by going with the same package or the higher one. Lower package option will not be there in the case of renewal.
  • To save your previous points you need to renew your a/c within 20 days so that we can carry forward those points.
  • We are introducing forth type of income for you, on every renewal you will get a renewal binary commission which is of 5%.
  • Renewal binary commission capping limit would be of 1 Lakh per day.

Want to know more details and join Adooye ? 

Fill up the below form and visit Adooye Website:

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