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Apex Telecom makes very good progress

Apex Group is one of India’s prominent business houses established in the year 2004 with a diverse portfolio of assets in software development, business solutions, online gaming, investigations, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development, water treatment and online-education.

How To Start ?
Pay Rs.350/- and purchase an Hand book on effects of radiation.
After you make the payment, you will get a joining PIN along with the hand book from your nearest Franchisee.
Payment can be made at your nearest Franchisee or deposit Rs.350 in Apex account and get PIN number by SMS and email
Port your number into BSNL and join APEX CUG to make Free Unlimited Calls within the Apex Group of your state.
Each subscriber has to pay Rs 130 Every month (Rs 90 for CUG and Rs 40 towards Top Up)

Money Saver Offer
If you join the APEX CUG, then you need to pay Rs.100 per month instead of Rs.130.
This adjustment of Rs.30 is allowed for 12 months.
Therefore 12 x Rs.30 = Rs.360 is the total amount you can get back.
This way, you can recover the entire amount of Rs.350 paid towards the cost of hand book.

A person can enter Apex Telecom Network by purchasing an Hand book on effects of radiation.
After he purchasing hand book, he can start referring new persons and start earning.

Team Sales Opportunity
An amount of Rs 100 will be paid for every 1:1 Set
Daily ceiling of 5* Sets will be paid and all additional matched Sets will be flushed.
*If you do not make two direct sales (one left and one right) within 1 week, then your daily ceiling will become 2 Sets per day.
Carry forward of un matched sales will be allowed

Other Income Opportunity
  Orbit Plan
  CUG Renewal plan
  Recharge Opportunity
  Recharge Partner
  Area Franchisee

All Incomes will be paid on a weekly basis.
All payouts will be transferred directly to subscriber Bank account via NEFT.
Payouts will be transferred on every Monday.
15% standard deductions are deducted for all payouts towards Website development upto Rs 5000 earnings in a financial year on a single PAN number.
After the earnings cross Rs 5000, the amount of 10% will be deducted as Website Development Fund and Another 10% as TDS will be deducted on a single PAN number.
TDS certificate (Form 16) will be given to all persons if their yearly incentives are exceeding Rs 5000. PAN number is compulsory to get this certificate.

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