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Platinum Systems introduced Money back plan

Platinum systems from Mumbai which has been running for about the past one year has introduced a new plan for its new members. As per the new plan, the joining amount will be Rs.1999/- There are six innovative products introduced for the members to choose. The products will be delivered within 15 days from the date of joining.

All products listed below costs Rs.1999/-:

The plan in detail:
  • Joining with Rs.1999/-
  • The joining amount will be returned (Rs.1999/-) on completion of the first pair of 1:2 or 2:1.
  • After that for every 1:1 pair, Rs.500/- is paid as binary pair commission.
  • Closing every 12 hours and capping up to 5 pairs per day.
  • For the new members, they can purchase additional products with a discount of Rs.2000/-.
  • This is an additional benifit the company is providing for the new members only to encourage product selling.
 Overall, the plan looks very attractive now. For the existing members now it is easy to approach even anyone who is fresh to MLM with the attractive mantra, money back guarentee.

The additional products which are listed in the Benifits are as follows: 
  1. Android 4.0 mobile phone - Rs.5500/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  2. Induction Cooker - Rs. 3400/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  3. Necklace set - Rs.3500/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  4. Tyre sealant - Rs.3400/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  5. Alarm lock - Rs.3300/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  6. GSM Ear bug - Rs.3999/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  7. Tablet PC with SIM - Rs.8999/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
It is expected that Platinum systems will make good progress in the coming days with the new scheme. The biggest positive point about Platinum systems is that they have not delayed any payouts till date from the date the company started.

If you want to join Platinum Systems, fill out the form below immediately:
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