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WahVision - 3 level Ponzi pyramid hybrid

There is no information on the WahVision (Work At Home Vision) website indicating who owns or runs the company.

The WahVision website domain (“”) was registered on the 24th of September 2012, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The WahVision Product Line

WahVision has no retailable products or services. Instead, members pay a monthly membership fee and are then able to “purchase” various positions within the WahVision compensation plan.

Bundled with monthly membership are advertising credits and access to an e-book library, which the company claims ‘is going to be updated each month with more ebooks‘.

The WahVision Compensation Plan

The WahVision compensation plan primarily revolves around members paying monthly membership fees and purchasing positions in the WahVision compensation plan.

There are three main components to the WahVision compensation plan and they are as follows:

3×7 Matrix

Details on this are a little sketchy, but it appears to be a 3×7 matrix members are automatically entered into when they join the company.

Commissions appear to be paid out depending on how many positions are filled in a member’s matrix (either by direct recruitment of new members or indirect recruitment via an affiliate’s down or upline).

Revenue Sharing

This appears to be some sort of investment scheme, with members purchasing a “revenue share package” on the guarantee of WahVision paying out a 200% ROI over time (funded by new member investments).

A 10% referral commission is also paid out on any investments made by members an affiliate recruits into the scheme.

WAH Cycler Boards

Upon paying their monthly membership fees, WahVision members are given “3 new cycler positions each month”. The company doesn’t clarify the make up of the cyclers but typically once enough positions have been bought a position “cycles” and a commission is paid out.

Forced Reinvestment

Note that 50% of all commissions earned by WahVision affiliates must be re-invested back into the scheme via the purchase of positions in the compensation plan. The company claims this is to “ensure longevity and growth”.

Joining WahVision

Membership to WahVision is $10 a month, with participation in various aspects of the compensation plan costing extra.


WahVision describe their opportunity as

a vision created for all people who have a dream or vision to create an income from the comfort of their own home.

Unfortunately the simple fact of the matter is joining a company, investing money and earning commissions when new members invest and/or purchase positions in matrices is just the same old Ponzi scheme games that continue to plague the MLM industry.

Each level of the WahVision compensation plan is 100% affiliate funded and either dependent on the continuous recruitment of new affiliates, continuous re-investment of commissions by existing affiliates and/or new investments made by newly recruited and existing affiliates.

If either of the above scenarios stop then the compensation plan grinds to a halt. Meanwhile no products are sold to retail customers, meaning all WahVision are doing is shuffling affiliate money around to those who got involved in the Ponzi scheme earlier.

The 50% re-investment rule with prolong the collapse of the Ponzi scheme, but ultimately does not solve the problem of existing liabilities owed exceeding new money flowing into the scheme (a Ponzi scheme inevitability).

Approach with extreme caution.

4 Brand New Exciting Options to Join All Hit Deals !

Allhitdeals has launched 4 new options to join. This scheme is launched just today. Lots of good news for the new members who are planning to join. This company is creating history in Indian MLM and the management of Allhitdeals is very sincere and dedicated to the business.

Option 1 - Rs.8250 /-

  • 3 Days 2 Nights Holiday Voucher for "Two Adults and two kids"
  • Free Discount Vouchers totaling Rs.8250/-
  • Free Integrated Internet Learning Course.
Option 2 - Rs.14350/-

  • 3 Days 2 Nights Holiday Voucher for "Two Adults and two kids"
  • Return Domestic Air Ticket for 1 Person
  • Free Discount Vouchers totaling Rs.8250/-
  • Free Integrated Internet Learning Course.
Option 3 - Rs. 19450/-
  • 3 Days 2 Nights Holiday Voucher for "Two Adults and two kids"
  • Return Domestic Air Ticket for 2 Persons
  • Free Discount Vouchers totaling Rs.8250/-
  • Free Integrated Internet Learning Course.
Option 4 - Rs. 28550/-
  • 3 Days 2 Nights Holiday Voucher for "Two Adults and two kids"
  • Return Domestic Air Ticket for 4 Persons
  • Free Discount Vouchers totaling Rs.8250/-
  • Free Integrated Internet Learning Course.
Its not over, Allhitdeals is planning to launch the following for their members:
  • Daily contest
  • Global launch
  • New consumer products with own brand name
  • Setup your own e-Shop
  • Bid to win - Bidding site
  • New Add-on packages
  • Re-launching all new internal shopping portals
So, its high time that any new member looking to start a lucrative part time / full time business, its this opportunity the best one to start in the new year. 

Hurry, this offer is for limited time only. Fill the below form and join the program immediately:

Name :   
Mobile : 
Email :    
Place :    

Ujala Group from Mumbai

At Ujala Group is a wealth management company which provide products that meet the diverse needs of clients, to achieve superior investment results, and to give an exceptional level of client service.

The Business

Forex currency exchange, Foreign Exchange or FOREX is simultaneous purchase and sale of the currency or the exchange of one country's currency for the one of another country. It is one of the largest markets in the world.
The residual claim or interest of the most junior class of investors in assets, after all liabilities are paid. If liability exceeds assets, negative equity exists
Any good exchanged during commerce, which includes goods traded on a commodity exchange. Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services

The Plan
50 Working Days





Registration Free
Point Matching 10 %
Direct Referral 10%

Terms & Condition:

1.Point matching and Direct Referral will be credit in e-wallet within 24hrs

2.To qualify for first Point matching you need to have 2:1 or 1:2 set onward ratio need to be 1:1

3.Point Transfer from One ID to another ID, minimum 400 points can transfer from One ID to another ID

4.Every day Bank Withdrawn , time 5 PM to 8 PM (minimum 400 Will be accept for Bank withdrawn)

5)20% will be deducted immediately for bank transfer.

Offer Till 01/12/2012 To 31/12/2012

Sr. No.
Total Left & Right Matching Business
1 Lakh

2.50 Lakh

Tablet PC
5 Lakh

Mini Laptop
10 Lakh

Motor Cycle
25 Lakh

50 Lakh

Swift Dzire
1 Crore

Honda City

RBI Advisory on Overseas Forex Trading

The below notification was released by RBI. People who are investing should know the rules framed by RBI before they invest their hard earned money in to Forex. There are some foreign companies running aggressive campaigns in Internet. The problem is they share testimonies which shows extremely high returns with the investors name and details. People should be well aware about the FEMA act guidelines framed by RBI. In this press release RBI has actually warned individuals that are involved in Overseas and also residential Forex Investing. The overall meaning of the below letter from RBI shows that as an individual, one should not engage in Forex trading sitting from India.

If somebody approaching you to involve in Forex trading, show them this notice and get yourself clarified before you invest your hard earned money in to Forex market.

Moringo Organics - A good start in India

Moringo Organics is a US-based nutraceutical development company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Florida. Started in 2012 with healthy line of products for everything you require for your wellbeing needs.

Moringa oleifera, also known as Tree of life, clarifier tree, horseradish tree and drumstick tree, has been used for centuries by people living in asia and many parts of Africa.

Health Benefits of Moringo:
  • Increased physical energy
  • Mental and emotional balance
  • Faster recovery
  • Nutrient-dense mother's milk
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • As an effective diuretic
  • Supports synthesis and function of nerve tissue
  • Boosts metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
Compensation Plan:

There are nine ways to make money from the compensation plan of Moringo. MORINGO ORGANICS Compensation Plan is both powerful and generous & guarantees a maximum payout of 60% of total company GV.

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Preferred Customer Profits
  3. Fast Start Bonuses
  4. Binary Team Bonus
  5. Binary Check Matching Bonus
  6. Infinity Team Bonus
  7. Fast Track Binary Bonus
  8. Cash Bonus & Rewards
  9. Exotic Vacations
Download compensation plan for India


Platinum Systems introduced Money back plan

Platinum systems from Mumbai which has been running for about the past one year has introduced a new plan for its new members. As per the new plan, the joining amount will be Rs.1999/- There are six innovative products introduced for the members to choose. The products will be delivered within 15 days from the date of joining.

All products listed below costs Rs.1999/-:

The plan in detail:
  • Joining with Rs.1999/-
  • The joining amount will be returned (Rs.1999/-) on completion of the first pair of 1:2 or 2:1.
  • After that for every 1:1 pair, Rs.500/- is paid as binary pair commission.
  • Closing every 12 hours and capping up to 5 pairs per day.
  • For the new members, they can purchase additional products with a discount of Rs.2000/-.
  • This is an additional benifit the company is providing for the new members only to encourage product selling.
 Overall, the plan looks very attractive now. For the existing members now it is easy to approach even anyone who is fresh to MLM with the attractive mantra, money back guarentee.

The additional products which are listed in the Benifits are as follows: 
  1. Android 4.0 mobile phone - Rs.5500/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  2. Induction Cooker - Rs. 3400/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  3. Necklace set - Rs.3500/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  4. Tyre sealant - Rs.3400/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  5. Alarm lock - Rs.3300/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  6. GSM Ear bug - Rs.3999/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
  7. Tablet PC with SIM - Rs.8999/- (less Rs.2000/- discount for members)
It is expected that Platinum systems will make good progress in the coming days with the new scheme. The biggest positive point about Platinum systems is that they have not delayed any payouts till date from the date the company started.

If you want to join Platinum Systems, fill out the form below immediately:
Platinum Enquiry Form
Questions marked by * are required.
1.Name: *
2.Email: *
3.Mobile: *
4.Place: *