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Allhitdeals - How it works?

Allhitdeals started about an year is becoming the legally strongest and most transparent company in the MLM market. Recently they have opened their own e-commerce portal through which their existing members can buy products through the points they earned.

Key highlights about the opportunity:

  • 100% genuine and legal business registered in India
  • No product selling or door to door selling
  • No qualification is required to do this business, browsing knowledge is sufficient
  • You can work from Home, Office or Cyber cafe
  • Work for less than 15 minutes per day is sufficient
  • Earn Rs.3150/- per month just by working for less than 30 minutes per day
  • Major E-commerce gaints such as,,, etc., are promoted 
  • Joining is free (Rs.7000/- registration fee to participate in promo program)
  • Get your commissions immediately transferred to your bank account.

  • How it works?Step 1 - Register
    To check out all the deals within all categories, you need to register first. You get to participate in the promo program (Rs.7000/- registration fees) which lets you earn while simply surfing away the best deals posted in the portal daily. You can also register for free to simply check the deals and buy products at discounted price.

    Step 2 - Check Promos
    You will be provided a backoffice with a username and password. Through this backoffice you can check the promo deals posted everyday. Every day there will be 11 deals available in your backoffice. All you have to do is just login and check those deals by clicking them. It will take about 15 mins to 30 mins to check the deals. During this process if you like any promotional offers, you may continue to buy the products online. It is not compulsory that you have to buy any products.These promos are from major e-commerce gaints such as,,, etc.,

    Step 3 - Promo Credits
    As you complete checking the promos daily, you will be given promo reward points @ Rs.7/- per promo approximately. That means you earn an income of Rs. 7 x 11 promos = Rs. 77/- per day. Like this your promo reward points will get accumulated in your backoffice control panel daily. For the promos completed today, the reward points will be credited to your backoffice on the 30th day. In addition to promo credits you will also get an additional bonus reward of 150 points (equivalent to Rs.150) if you login and check the promos for every three days.

    Step 4 - Redeem Credits
    As your reward points accumulate up to 700 points (equivalent to Rs.700/-) you are eligible to make a request to redeem those points. Once the redeem request is submitted, payment will be credited to your bank account through online transfer. Necessary processing charges and TDS will be deducted and the remaining earnings will be credited to your account within 5 working days.

    Referral Program
    If you refer this opportunity with others, you will earn additional income through the referral program which is based on the best industry's best compensation plan called the binary compensation plan.

    To know more about the referral program, click here.