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Latest update about Nmart operations!

It has been a bad time for the Nmart associates all over the country after the appeal is released from Nmart management. Though Nmart has been doing well during the past period, the challanges faced with respect to stock availability, meeting with regulations, compliances, etc., has forced the business to a halt for sometime. But sometimes, a halt is good for any business which has a long vision. We hope that Nmart will recover from these challenges and come back to operations very soon.

Below appeal has been released from Nmart. All Nmart leaders now has no options left than to keep their fingers crossed and wait patiently until they hear for a good news from the Nmart management.

Platinum Systems launched two more new products

Platinum Systems Private Limited has launched two more new products this week.

1. 7" New Tablet PC  with Google Android 4.0
2.  Digital wireless security door alarm.

Already the company has been successfully promoting their prototype Platinum Tablet PC with SIM with Rs.4999/-. This product has already created a jolt among the Indian gadget industry.

The networkers are surprised with the fact that they get a real worth product for the joining amount which is useful to anyone in their family. In addition, attractive binary income has been paid (Rs.500/-) for every 1:1 matching pair.

The business is hitting all the states in India and the company has already started appointing franchisees in all the states. Another good news is, the company has tied with an existing service company having established with more than 350 service centers in India.

This company is going to hit the Tablet PC market in a big way in the coming weeks. If you are searching for a real good binary company to start up, join platinum immediately.

The company has more plans to launch more digital products in the near future. So, don't wait hurry!
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Final disposal of Speak Asia case on 8th August, 2012

The following official communication from the SAOL Company which says that the final disposal of the case is expected on 8th August, 2012.

Dear Speakasians,

Yesterday was a very important day for us as our matter was heard by Hon'ble Supreme Court and we got a favourable response in the interest of all our panelists. We are happy to share that Honourable Court gave a patient hearing to our learned counsels and the other parties. The Hon'ble Court heard our plea that EOW is making baseless objections in sharing our data and we are not getting any cooperation from EOW in resolving the matter and disbursement of money which is already lying with the Registrar of Hon¹ble Supreme Court. Based on our pleas, the Hon¹ble Court directed EOW to hand over the data to the Hon'ble Court on the next date fixed as 8th August for final disposal.

This indeed is a great achievement as we are inching close to our victory. What normally takes years to achieve, we have been able to get in just 3-4 months. We will use this interim period to consolidate our position which should help in early resolution of our problems.

We would also like to point out that Mr. Navnit Khosla has been consistently pursuing the matter in one form or the other and in different forums despite AISPA members handling his claims and his affidavit in that regard before Hon¹ble Mumbai High Court. We fail to see his ulterior motive to derail the process of disbursement of money to panelists who have chosen to exercise the company’s exit option.

We would also like to share with you that we are taking legal opinion regarding early resumption of our business in India. We understand that some misguided people will try to spread panic and create doubts in the minds of our people. Also, do not give any of your personal details to any unauthorised person or on website which claims to be collecting data on behalf of the company.

We once again urge all our Speakasian family members to remain calm and patient as the resolution to our problems are well within our sights.

Warm Regards,
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team