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Hariyali - Ad Posting MLM - New launch

Hariyali, a new company from Westbengal, Shyamnagar is offering Ad pasting jobs and Easy recharge based services through MLM. They are also planning to setup the stores all over India. It was lauched last year with binary plan.

Plan Details:
Joining - Rs.1000/-  + Rs.5000/- for product repurchase
Direct Sponsor Income - 5%
Spill Income - 10%
Binary Income - 10% each matching pair with capping of Rs.50000/- weekly
Re-purchase Income - 3% to 0.1% for level 1 to level 25 respectively in your downline.

For Rs.5000/- you get 60 free repurchase vouchers worth Rs.250/-. One voucher can be spent for one month, that means you need to use your entire 60 repurchase voucher in 60 months.

Incase if there is no branch in your place, no worries, company will pay you Rs.250/- cash against your voucher.

Visit the website for more details: