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SAOL - Supreme Court Hearing on October 17, 2011

October 18th,2011.

Dear Panelist,

The Honourable Justice Dalveer Bhandari of the Supreme Court strongly reprimanded the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India, for not having filled the reply affidavit, to the written petition filed by the panellists of Speak Asia. Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India were supposed to file their reply on or before the 10th October 2011. Justice Dalveer Bhandari has asked Additional Solicitor general Kitit N. Rawal to ensure that both the respondents should file their affidavit before the next hearing. He also said that the casual attitude of the Government in this issue was very disturbing as it was the issue of the money and livelihood of so many people

Disposing before the bench of Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice Deepak Varma, Gopal Subramanian, senior council for Speak Asia explained the total business model of the company. He compared the business of Speak Asia to that of Ebay, where the consumer benefits most. He said this was a much better and refined version as the consumers not only got great deals but could also earn reward points that could be used to buy goods and services. He also emphasised on the training initiatives taken by the company. He lauded the extraordinary vision of the two Singapore based entrepreneurs and the unfortunate victimisation of the company

He urged the court to form a committee headed by Retd. Chief Justice R.C Lahoti, to facilitate the payments to be made to the panellists. He said that the company has the resources to complete all their obligations. He further added that the they have no problems with the ongoing investigations and had upmost faith in the law of the land. He also appraised the court on how the company has been harassed on the basis of some unsubstantiated media reports, and was pursuing legitimate business in the internet space which is the future of all business transactions

The council for the panellist Mr.Mukul Rohitgi urged the court for immediate relief for the panellist. The Supreme Court was most inclined to set up a committee to look into all the issues of the company and its panaellists

The Supreme Court has also instructed the CBDT and the EOW – Mumbai police who have the records of all the payments to be made party to the case, to be present for the next hearing which will be in the next two weeks.

This is wonderful news for all Speak Asians, as they see a ray of hope not only in being able to receive the money that they have earned but also to continue to work and grow with Speak Asia but on the other hand we would also request you all not to trust any rumor or any fake document as there has been fake documents circulating on the internet with fake stamp and sign of our chairperson.
SpeakAsia Corporate Marketing Team.

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Team Monavie Operations in Full Swing

Team Monavie is one of the leading teams in Monavie India which is in full swing preparing the pre-registrations for the distributors all over from India. Last Saturday, Monavie India has conducted a product training session which attracted some of the senior leaders from other product based companies.

A leading team from Kerala, joined (TeamMonavie) last week. Another big team from Kanpur and Assam had signed up the forms this week. Monavie India has started processing the distributor forms and everyone has got their distributor ID number.Monavie India is planning for a mega launch in the month of November 2011 in India, before which it is expected that the pre-registrations itself will cross a record number of 100000 + distributors. Team Monavie itself is expected to hit 10000+ distributors in India by end of December 2011.

The Office furnishing work in Monavie India, Chennai has been completed except some interior work is touching the final stage. Monavie staff is available now on the helpdesk to collect the distributor signup forms. Leaders are busy Organizing one to one discussions with the new prospects.

In the photo:
Leftmost - Mr.Shivdas, Leader (Kerala),
Mr.Rajlingam, Asia Pacific Head, Monavie.
Mr.Rajan, Leader (Kerala)
Mrs.Teri Schuler, Leader (USA)
Mr.Syed Sinofer, Leader - Team Monavie.

Mr.Syed Sinofer has been nominated by group of leaders to lead (Team Monavie) who will be responsible for reaching out to leaders in other states, to process joining forms for distributors joining Team Monavie,  to administer Team Monavie Website ( and to run Online Campaigns and provide support for leaders joining under Team Monavie.

If you are interested to join Team Monavie, please fill below form so that Mr.Syed will get in touch with you:
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PDC Marketing pays within 24 hours - Innovative Binary plan

PDC from Nasik, Maharashtra succesfully running a binary plan for a long time. You can start your own business with PDC with Rs.2000/-. PDC discharges your commission within 24 hours. There are 9 different income streams available:

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3. Leadership Bonus
4. Level Income
5. New Level Income
6. New Level Income - 1
7. New Level Income - 2
8. Royalty Income
9. Seminar Fund

Product ranges include Quantum Pendant, Nano card, Mobile Radiation Chip, Gold plated coin, Nazar Raksha Kawach, paithani Saree, Bio-magnetic bracelet, Benetton watch, Reebock watch, Belmonte shirt and pant piece, Gold plated shree yantra with frame, Tie with cufflink, Shree Maha Dhan Laxmi Yantra, Siyaram suit length, Belmonte suit length, Induction cooker, Gas stove, Convection oven, Cash drops water purifier, Gwalior suit length, Birla Sun life insurance and Acer emachines laptop. The product pricing ranges from Rs.2000/- to Rs.26000/-.

The binary software interface is designed very nice and having all options to track your earnings for every 12 hours. The company has been paying honestly till date to all members and there has been no delay or discrepencies on the accounts. Business seminars are conducted all over in India in Hindi and English.

For more details about this opportunity, please fill below form and you will be directed to the company website directly:
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