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Speak Asia Online Website will be operational in next 2 days

The latest news about Speak Asia Online Pvt Ltd management reveals that the website will resume its operations within next one or two days. As announced earlier, the exit option will be functioning when the original website is operational within the next few days.

The EOW (Economics Offense Wing) has made significant progress on the investigations last week. At any time, it is expected they will release a positive statement with a set of guidelines to be followed in order to continue the survey program. There are no clues about what are those conditions and every one is eagerly waiting for the final hearing.

After the announcement of exit option by the SAOL management, there are both positive and negative opinion from the panelists. Those panelist who are confident about SAOL's management, they say that once the operations are started with the modified policies (if applicable), the business growth may not be like the case earlier to the EOC incidence, but on a long run, this may not be a big problem to the SAOL's vision.

It has been noticed that many panelist has forgotten their  sponser id details as there is nowhere an email or any document issued to the panelist with the sponsor id information. This has created a strange situation to lot of panelists and they necessarily need to login to their panel to fetch this information in order to apply for the exit option.

People who have joined the program recently who has got negative opinion about SAOL, may find the exit option very attractive. They may choose to exit from the program safely so that a major filtering will happen post the exit operation.

Hence, it is expected that all is happening is good for the welfare of both Speak Asia Management as well for the Panelist. The panelists have waited for so long, now the climax is just awaited in the next few days.