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Speak Asia Online announced Exit Policy

Very good news to all ! ! ! As promised on 10th september 2011, Speakasiaonline Pte. Ltd. has started its exit option. Below is the official communication and details of the policy.

Exit Policy

In continuation of our exit policy notification of 1st August 2011, please find below the terms and conditions for the exit policy option to be availed. Since panelists have joined SAOL at different stages and time, the possible scenarios in case panelists chooses to EXIT will be as follows:

• NO Reward points (henceforth referred as RP ) earned after becoming a panelist:
If you have recently subscribed to the E-Zine and have not participated in the SAOL activities or no RPs have been credited in your account then you can opt out of your association with SAOL by agreeing to these terms and conditions and filling up the attached form. By doing so you will get refunded your entire subscription cost less the registration amount to your bank account mentioned in your profile. The e-zine subscription shall cease to be sent to your mail ID and you will no longer associated with SAOL.

• RPs Earned lesser than Subscription Cost:
In case you have en-cashed or used RPs, whose total value is less than the subscription cost, these RP's shall be deducted from the cost of Subscription and the balance will be credited in to your bank account. The ezine subscription shall cease to your mail ID and you will no longer associated with SAOL.

• RPs en-cashed or used are more than subscription cost:
You are welcome to participate in SAOL website since your participation has earned your RP's more than your subscription cost. You can now utilize the RPs for various revenue generating activities of the company once restart of our services is allowed in India.

In order to exit you are required to fill and submit the attached form. However in order fill the attached form, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy by clicking on the I agree button at the bottom of this page. Your details will be verified with the database in company's servers and a confirmation mail will be sent to you. This is subject to gaining access to the company servers from EOW Mumbai.

Amounts due to you will be sent by telegraphic transfer from Singapore and the company's amounts lying in the accounts of its master collection representatives of HVP in India. This is subject to getting an assurance from the RBI in India that these transactions will be allowed to be credited to your accounts in India. (Alternatively the company is also actively exploring the possibility of transferring the total amounts along with the list of recipients to either a designated court in India or a competent authority that the court may wish to appoint for this purpose.)

All the amounts lying with the company in Singapore are being legally reserved for making the payment to the panelist and cannot be used for any other purpose.

If the panelists EXIT, it is their sole responsibility to satisfy the queries raised by any of the authorities. Once the decision to EXIT is taken, it cannot be reversed. Any rewards due to the panelists who exit will not be processed and will not be contested by the panelists.

Link to apply for Exit policy:


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