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SPARK THE RISE - Excellent initiative by Mahindra

An idea can spark like this:

  • While having a cup of coffee, your eyes were on the news paper headlines. You got shocked to see the news, hundreds of people died due to an earth quake hit somewhere in a place you previously lived. Several times you thought about an idea of setting up a local Disaster Management System there, but unfortunately due to your own priorities and practical limitations like manpower, budget, resources, etc., your idea sparked and died gradually inside yourself.
  • You have recently discovered  a way to integrate bluetooth inside a helmet with inbuilt speakers and a mic. You find it awesome as it connects to your mobile device to play songs and you can pick up calls while driving  just with a simple button on your helmet. You want to share this idea with others immediately and convert this idea to a product or solution acceptible by everyone which can atleast bring down the accidents happening to due to talking on mobile while driving.
  • On your way walking to your departmental store daily, you see a park which was not maintained for a long time. If maintained, it is going to be such a beautiful place for everyone in your locality to spend  time in mornings and evenings. If every family in that locality takes a little effort, it is definitely a possible thing. Unfortunately, we depend on Municipalities and Civic agencies to do this work, but they have got their own priorities. It bothers you for a minute everytime you cross that park.
Above three ideas are just examples. You may have better ideas than this in your mind. Some of your ideas might have a strong vision to the extent it disturbs your sleep several times.

Thanks to Mahindra Group who came forward and taken the initiative to launch "Spark the Rise" an innovative and powerful initiative which can convert your sparks in to workable solutions. Details of this initiative as follows:

Mahindra group has launched a new initiative called "SPARK THE RISE", A platform to propel innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive change in India. You know what needs to be done. Now you can take action. Share your ideas, seek help, win grants, and vote for your favourites!

What is Rise?
Rise is a call to action. It's the challenger spirit that leads us to tackle the problems India faces today.  It means making decisions – big and small – that change the future.  From being one of millions who decide to use less electricity at home, to being the one in a million who designs a revolutionary new technology, we are the ones who must take risks and innovate. We are the ones who will shape India.This is Rise–the optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future.

About Spark the Rise:
Spark the Rise is a platform whose core purpose is to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world—to enable them to Rise. Spark the Rise enables lots of people to drive positive change by bringing them together behind innovative ideas and awarding the grant money needed to put them into action. Spark a fire—start a movement.

There are three ways to get involed:

1. Spark a Project.
Jumpstart your own idea today by becoming a Project Champion. Submit and promote it here.

2. Fan the Flame.
Like an idea? Join in and support it here.Want to lend a hand? Get in touch with the Project Champion.
Have some equipment to donate or share? There is a Project Champion in need.Have some special skills? Give advice to the Project Champion.Have resources to fund a project? Donate and help Spark the Rise today.

3. Vote:
You can vote for each project (Spark) once during each voting period. You have an unlimited number of votes, so you can support as many Sparks as you like. Feel free to vote for your own Spark too!

To know more about "Spark the Rise", visit:

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