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The gold market is growing crazy in India as the demand for the yellow metal always showing an upward trend inspite of stock market fluctuations. Maxpro is a wealth solution where you gain money from less investment on gold. From the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) 8 grams to 1 kg of gold can be bought for a minimum amount and gain maximum profits. The Investment which is Invested in the MCX /NSE market, will be in the Investor's Account itself and then Traded. The Investor can draw the profit amount alone every month. Maxpro gives 100% security for your Investment by giving a Post-Dated Cheque to the Investor for 100% (Hundred Percent) Security for his/her Invested Amount.

A Minimum 12% Income per Annum from the Invested Amount and a Maximum of 50% (Fifty percent) or above Income per Annum from the Invested Amount can be expected after Deducting all Commissions etc., based on the fluctuations of the Market.The Investor shall not Withdraw the Invested Amount Before 6 Months from the Date of starting the Trade.

From the Profit of the Invested Amount, calculated on 12% (Twelve Percent) per Annum, the Investor can take 1% (One percent) of the Profit Amount every Month from the Invested Account Mandatory.If the Profit exceeds More than 1% (One percent) per Month from the Investment, the Investor and the Trader can Decide and Divide the Profit ratio among themselves. The Investor shall pay the Divided Profit, as per Decided ratio to the Trader by Bank Account.

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