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SPARK THE RISE - Excellent initiative by Mahindra

An idea can spark like this:

  • While having a cup of coffee, your eyes were on the news paper headlines. You got shocked to see the news, hundreds of people died due to an earth quake hit somewhere in a place you previously lived. Several times you thought about an idea of setting up a local Disaster Management System there, but unfortunately due to your own priorities and practical limitations like manpower, budget, resources, etc., your idea sparked and died gradually inside yourself.
  • You have recently discovered  a way to integrate bluetooth inside a helmet with inbuilt speakers and a mic. You find it awesome as it connects to your mobile device to play songs and you can pick up calls while driving  just with a simple button on your helmet. You want to share this idea with others immediately and convert this idea to a product or solution acceptible by everyone which can atleast bring down the accidents happening to due to talking on mobile while driving.
  • On your way walking to your departmental store daily, you see a park which was not maintained for a long time. If maintained, it is going to be such a beautiful place for everyone in your locality to spend  time in mornings and evenings. If every family in that locality takes a little effort, it is definitely a possible thing. Unfortunately, we depend on Municipalities and Civic agencies to do this work, but they have got their own priorities. It bothers you for a minute everytime you cross that park.
Above three ideas are just examples. You may have better ideas than this in your mind. Some of your ideas might have a strong vision to the extent it disturbs your sleep several times.

Thanks to Mahindra Group who came forward and taken the initiative to launch "Spark the Rise" an innovative and powerful initiative which can convert your sparks in to workable solutions. Details of this initiative as follows:

Mahindra group has launched a new initiative called "SPARK THE RISE", A platform to propel innovation, entrepreneurship, and positive change in India. You know what needs to be done. Now you can take action. Share your ideas, seek help, win grants, and vote for your favourites!

What is Rise?
Rise is a call to action. It's the challenger spirit that leads us to tackle the problems India faces today.  It means making decisions – big and small – that change the future.  From being one of millions who decide to use less electricity at home, to being the one in a million who designs a revolutionary new technology, we are the ones who must take risks and innovate. We are the ones who will shape India.This is Rise–the optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future.

About Spark the Rise:
Spark the Rise is a platform whose core purpose is to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world—to enable them to Rise. Spark the Rise enables lots of people to drive positive change by bringing them together behind innovative ideas and awarding the grant money needed to put them into action. Spark a fire—start a movement.

There are three ways to get involed:

1. Spark a Project.
Jumpstart your own idea today by becoming a Project Champion. Submit and promote it here.

2. Fan the Flame.
Like an idea? Join in and support it here.Want to lend a hand? Get in touch with the Project Champion.
Have some equipment to donate or share? There is a Project Champion in need.Have some special skills? Give advice to the Project Champion.Have resources to fund a project? Donate and help Spark the Rise today.

3. Vote:
You can vote for each project (Spark) once during each voting period. You have an unlimited number of votes, so you can support as many Sparks as you like. Feel free to vote for your own Spark too!

To know more about "Spark the Rise", visit:

Speakasia Online - Relaunch Status

PIL from Speak Asia Panelists is headed in Honable Supreme Court of India by a Legal Team:

Mr. Mukul Rohatgi,Sr.Advocate.
Mr. Sushil Kr. Tekhriwal,Adv.
Dr. Mamta Tekriwal,Adv.
Mr. Rajeev R. Raj,Adv.
Ms. K.V.Bharathi Upadhyaya,Adv.

under WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 383 of 2011 DATE: 09/09/2011

SOLOMON JEMES & Others [Petitioner(s)]


UNION OF INDIA & Others [Respondent(s)]



 Here I just want to draw you attention on what our Legal Team is in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

 Our Legal Team is headed by Mr. Mukul Rohatgi. who is Addl. Solicitor General of India. A Lawyer of such a high Strature. and such a huge experience is fighting from SAOL Panelist side.   (see last contact)

Mr Mukul Rohatgi was involved in numerous high profile cases like:

1. He alone with the Prominent Lawer Colougue Mr. Ram Jethmalani, was in the legal team that was designed to spilt Reliance, Mr. Rohatgi and Mr. Jethmalani, were from ANIL AMBANI side.

2. In the famouse Satyam Scam , when the fraud was detected, Mr. Rohatgi was heading the legal team which dug out the truth of defaulters out of Audit Reports, earlier which was PriceWaterHouse Coopers Delhi, was given justice just because of his name was dragged as the fraudent report was really PriceWaterHouse Coopers, Bangalore.

 3. Also in the times of CDMA-GSM gunfight for Spectrum, the key Law team involved in the issue was, Ram Jethmalani, Mukul Rohatgi, Harish Salve, Abhishek Singhvi, Arun Jaitley and Fali Nariman. (Fali Nariman is the best Jurist in INDIA who represents INDIA at the world Stage.)

These are the Few Big Big legal issues that i was able to search out from the internet, and other sources. about our Legal Team, the case presented in Supreme Court was by Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Raj, one of the best lawyer in the Adv. Mukul Rohatgi Law Firm. So, we dont have to panic at all, as no evidences are against us and our company.

The next big positive thing with our case is that, the CORAM of this case is comprised of:


Who are well known for their many impartial and key Decisions against Government. So we can be assure of this thing also, that out of some external influence, or unwanted political pressure nothing could contain the fast hearing and verdict and justice that we are all waiting for. And could give the normalcy to Speak Asia Online company operations sooner.

MonaVie India: Pre-registration Begins 21 September!

Monovie, a world leader in the health and wellness industry has announced pre-registration process for Monavie India begins Wednesday, September 21, 2011. You can do a pre-registration on September 21, 2011 and get your teams ready for a full launch later this year.

Monavie Chennai Office
Here’s what you need to do to register:
Complete an official MonaVie India Distributor Application.
    Attach to the application a copy of your 1) PAN ID, 2) proof of address (passport/ration card/drivers license/voters ID), and 3) bank Passbook or Account Statement with details of the account and NEFT code. Applications will not be accepted without the proper documentation.
        Mail the application to the MonaVie India Chennai Office. You may also hand deliver the application to a local MonaVie Distributor Centre (MDC) if one exists in your area. Monovie India will announce these additional locations before the pre-registration period begins.
          Pay the registration fee when turning in the application. The India registration fee is 800.00 Rupees per application and this fee needs to be paid in the form of Demand Draft only (individual DDs) in favour of “MonaVie India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.” You may also pay in cash if you are turning the applications in to your local MDC.

          Monavie Reception
          Team Monavie in Chennai is very busy in setting up the Office Infrastructure in Chennai. The Chennai team is traveling all through India meeting top level leaders. There has been an overwhelming response from leaders all over India to join Monavie in the pre-launching stage. Since binary is a successful business model in India and the combination of binary with eight income streams with real need products has set a positive impression on Indian networkers. The key focus of Monavie is to target those real customers who are looking for a good product to reduces their weight in a natural way without side effects. Obesity, being a biggest challenge among many Indians, Monavie Opportunity is a real gift to gain health and wealth in their life.
          There are eight ways to earn income with Monavie:
          01 DIRECT SALES
          03 FIRST ORDER BONUS
          04 STAR MAKER BONUS
          06 TEAM BONUS
          07 GROWTH BONUS

          To join the leading team of Monavie in Chennai, please fill out the below form immediately:

          Monavie Enquiry Form
          Questions marked by * are required.
          1. Name: *
          2. Email: *
          3. Mobile: *
          4. Place: *
          5. Total MLM Experience (in years)
          6. Message:

          Speak Asia Online Website will be operational in next 2 days

          The latest news about Speak Asia Online Pvt Ltd management reveals that the website will resume its operations within next one or two days. As announced earlier, the exit option will be functioning when the original website is operational within the next few days.

          The EOW (Economics Offense Wing) has made significant progress on the investigations last week. At any time, it is expected they will release a positive statement with a set of guidelines to be followed in order to continue the survey program. There are no clues about what are those conditions and every one is eagerly waiting for the final hearing.

          After the announcement of exit option by the SAOL management, there are both positive and negative opinion from the panelists. Those panelist who are confident about SAOL's management, they say that once the operations are started with the modified policies (if applicable), the business growth may not be like the case earlier to the EOC incidence, but on a long run, this may not be a big problem to the SAOL's vision.

          It has been noticed that many panelist has forgotten their  sponser id details as there is nowhere an email or any document issued to the panelist with the sponsor id information. This has created a strange situation to lot of panelists and they necessarily need to login to their panel to fetch this information in order to apply for the exit option.

          People who have joined the program recently who has got negative opinion about SAOL, may find the exit option very attractive. They may choose to exit from the program safely so that a major filtering will happen post the exit operation.

          Hence, it is expected that all is happening is good for the welfare of both Speak Asia Management as well for the Panelist. The panelists have waited for so long, now the climax is just awaited in the next few days.

          Speak Asia Online announced Exit Policy

          Very good news to all ! ! ! As promised on 10th september 2011, Speakasiaonline Pte. Ltd. has started its exit option. Below is the official communication and details of the policy.

          Exit Policy

          In continuation of our exit policy notification of 1st August 2011, please find below the terms and conditions for the exit policy option to be availed. Since panelists have joined SAOL at different stages and time, the possible scenarios in case panelists chooses to EXIT will be as follows:

          • NO Reward points (henceforth referred as RP ) earned after becoming a panelist:
          If you have recently subscribed to the E-Zine and have not participated in the SAOL activities or no RPs have been credited in your account then you can opt out of your association with SAOL by agreeing to these terms and conditions and filling up the attached form. By doing so you will get refunded your entire subscription cost less the registration amount to your bank account mentioned in your profile. The e-zine subscription shall cease to be sent to your mail ID and you will no longer associated with SAOL.

          • RPs Earned lesser than Subscription Cost:
          In case you have en-cashed or used RPs, whose total value is less than the subscription cost, these RP's shall be deducted from the cost of Subscription and the balance will be credited in to your bank account. The ezine subscription shall cease to your mail ID and you will no longer associated with SAOL.

          • RPs en-cashed or used are more than subscription cost:
          You are welcome to participate in SAOL website since your participation has earned your RP's more than your subscription cost. You can now utilize the RPs for various revenue generating activities of the company once restart of our services is allowed in India.

          In order to exit you are required to fill and submit the attached form. However in order fill the attached form, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy by clicking on the I agree button at the bottom of this page. Your details will be verified with the database in company's servers and a confirmation mail will be sent to you. This is subject to gaining access to the company servers from EOW Mumbai.

          Amounts due to you will be sent by telegraphic transfer from Singapore and the company's amounts lying in the accounts of its master collection representatives of HVP in India. This is subject to getting an assurance from the RBI in India that these transactions will be allowed to be credited to your accounts in India. (Alternatively the company is also actively exploring the possibility of transferring the total amounts along with the list of recipients to either a designated court in India or a competent authority that the court may wish to appoint for this purpose.)

          All the amounts lying with the company in Singapore are being legally reserved for making the payment to the panelist and cannot be used for any other purpose.

          If the panelists EXIT, it is their sole responsibility to satisfy the queries raised by any of the authorities. Once the decision to EXIT is taken, it cannot be reversed. Any rewards due to the panelists who exit will not be processed and will not be contested by the panelists.

          Link to apply for Exit policy:


          The gold market is growing crazy in India as the demand for the yellow metal always showing an upward trend inspite of stock market fluctuations. Maxpro is a wealth solution where you gain money from less investment on gold. From the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) 8 grams to 1 kg of gold can be bought for a minimum amount and gain maximum profits. The Investment which is Invested in the MCX /NSE market, will be in the Investor's Account itself and then Traded. The Investor can draw the profit amount alone every month. Maxpro gives 100% security for your Investment by giving a Post-Dated Cheque to the Investor for 100% (Hundred Percent) Security for his/her Invested Amount.

          A Minimum 12% Income per Annum from the Invested Amount and a Maximum of 50% (Fifty percent) or above Income per Annum from the Invested Amount can be expected after Deducting all Commissions etc., based on the fluctuations of the Market.The Investor shall not Withdraw the Invested Amount Before 6 Months from the Date of starting the Trade.

          From the Profit of the Invested Amount, calculated on 12% (Twelve Percent) per Annum, the Investor can take 1% (One percent) of the Profit Amount every Month from the Invested Account Mandatory.If the Profit exceeds More than 1% (One percent) per Month from the Investment, the Investor and the Trader can Decide and Divide the Profit ratio among themselves. The Investor shall pay the Divided Profit, as per Decided ratio to the Trader by Bank Account.

          To visit Maxpro site, please fill below enquiry form:

          Maxpro Enquiry Form
          Questions marked by * are required. Your details will be safe and will not be shared.

          Name: *

          Email: *

          Mobile: *

          Place: *


          Speak Asia latest announcement from Chairperson

          ERC, Grand Pre-launch in Chennai

          Ezi Recharge Comm is a brand new company launched on September 1 2011, in Chennai. ERC is managed by a core team of professionals from various fields of experience such as Information Technology, Human resources, Insurance and Financial services. The business is completely automated and online with strong support of a dedicated and committed management. ERC's vision is to "Empowering the nation by eradicating poverty through high quality and professional service of Communication products, giving equal opportunity to the Common Man to improve his living standards".

          The products are communication products comprising of Prepaid Mobile & DTH recharge services from leading brands such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, BSNL, MTNL, etc., It also covers Internet  broadband connections such as prepaid data cards, home broadband connections, fixed telephones, etc., DTH brands such as Airtel Digital, Tata Sky, Reliance Big, Videocon DTH, and many more brands are included. The company does offline recharge within 48 hours of time for those subscribers joining the plan.

          To join ERC, one has to become a distributor by paying Rs.1950/- in which he or she gets an immediate recharge of Rs.500/-. The distributor immediately gets an online account with ERC to track his business earnings. With his online account, once he appoints 3 distributors under him (either 1:2 or 2:1), the member gets another recharge worth Rs.500/-

          ERC has designed a simple and powerful marketing plan with the base of BINARY compensation structure. Pair commission is Rs.300/- with daily capping up to 4 pairs. The power side will be carried forward to the next day count. The first pair is calculated as 1:2 or 2:1. All payments will be accumulated in the online ewallet account and will be paid once in 15 days. On 15th and 30th of every month commissions will be distributed to your bank account directly after deducting 10% TDS and 10% admin charges.

          The company has already made a record of 1500 registrations in the first day of launch itself on September 1, 2011 and subsequently there has been heavy enquiries coming from all over India. ERC's future plans are to bring more valued products to its customers and also to introduce attractive rewards and royalty programs to boost the business in future. It has been a long time for a genuine company with genuine products launching with the right leadership team to create a record in the communication industry through MLM. If you are very serious to generate a long term income, immediately join ERC.

          To join the top position in ERC, visit :