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Viacom Global - Adview company from USA

Viacom Global is an online referral marketing company markets its products through its distributors, who find their customers by referring with people. This serves as free advertising for the company, a cost savings that the company passes back to its distributors as commissions and bonuses.
There are thousands of people all over the world, who have access to full-time income on the Internet, and thousands of people have income for part-time and make money online, and the best thing of this income is that it is easy, convenient and you are also at your home.
You participate in advertisements; Viacom will be rewarded for watching the online advertisements.
Viacom participate with manufacturers of products and service providers for their products & services advertisement
You will get to click and watch advertisement every week. All viewing of advertisement will make you earn on a weekly basis.
Every advertisement will make your earn 8$ on every week.
You can also earn an extra income by referring your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist.