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Ten Ways To Earn From MonaVie - Launching in India

Official Announcement has been made to launch MonaVie India, the last week of October or 1st week of November 2011.MonaVie is a revolutionary health juice drink. Scientifically Proven. Creating incredible Health Results for MILLIONS of daily consumers. Patented, exclusive blend of 19 fruits centered around the Brazilian Acai Berry. Incredibly, drinking just 2 ounces (60ml) twice a day delivers the SAME amount of High Antioxidants to your body as 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Product ranges from Monavie Health Juices, Monavie Energy drinks and Monavie Weight Solution.The MonaVie Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.There are 10(ten) ways to earn from MonaVie Business Compensation Plan:

  1. Direct Sales and Preferred Customer Bonus
  2. Top Retailer Bonus
  3. Bulk Order Bonus (BOB)
  4. First Order Bonus
  5. Star Maker Bonus
  6. Team Bonus
  7. Growth Bonus
  8. Executive Check Match Bonus
  9. Leadership Bonus
  10. Multiple Business Centers 
The company is in pre-launch status, but you can still join for free to reserve your position. Visit the website below and submit your details. The company will contact you when the start the operations in India.

Please fill below form if you want to join Monavie. We will forward your enquiry to Monavie team: