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Speak Asia Latest updates as on 30/08/2011

At this critical point of time when the fierce battle is going on in legal arena when not many concrete updates are coming we would like to provide you with following news which should keep you away from any rumor:

1. As lot of rumor is going on that the COO Mr. Tarak Bajpayee has been released on bail by Supreme court on 29/08/2011 is not true. We have authentic information from the official SAOL sources that nothing of that sort has happened. Though he is expected to get the anticipatory bail very soon which will stop all the arrest apprehensions from across India by various state police in similar cases.

2. The control of the website is still not with the SAOL management so only panelists are facing problems which are pure technical in nature. There is nothing to panic because of website not being functioning properly because as soon as we get some relief on the battle field of the law correcting a website is peanut.

3. There are hearing of cases going on in various courts of laws in India related to SAOL and till now nothing has been proved against of Speak Asia in any court of law. Any learned person in India knows very well that any court would not deliver its judgement merely based upon negative campaigning by media against any entity. It will go through each and every fine detail of the facts before delivering the final judgement. Looking at the current scenario of SAOL case victory in court is sure but no one in this world can give a date.

4. Speak Asia Panelists Association (AISPA) has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) before the Honorable High Court at Mumbai which is now posted for 7th September, 2011, when the Government of Maharashtra is to file its reply. Apart from this some of the panelists have independently moved the Honorable Supreme court and are in the process of filing a PIL before the Supreme Court asking for ad interim relief and requested that the money which is seized by the authorities in India be brought under the custody of the Supreme court and under its supervision be distributed among the panelists.

5. As per our official sources we can expect some critical and probably good news on the legal front in this week. So stay tuned with only reliable media and do not pay attention to rumors and for god shake you don't join the people who spread rumors for cheap publicity of themselves and play with the emotions of millions of innocent investors across our country.


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