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NMart from Surat is growing all over India.

NMart is a retail based MLM operating headquartered from surat, Gujarat. To become an associate of N Mart one has to pay Rs 5500/-. An e-pin will be issued to you along with a welcome kit for enrolling as an associate of N Mart. N Mart Retail stores offer you all Branded Product range of more than 5000 varieties under one roof. Like : FMCG, Garments, Fashion, Grocery, Crockery, Electronic, Vegetables, Eatables, etc. on discount rate.There are 137 retail stores coming up all over India. Some of them are already operational.
Nmart offers simple binary plan with 1:1 pair commission Rs.600/- with conditions apply. By joining, you get 48 free vouchers of Rs.220/- which can be spent in a span of 48 months time. You also get a smart card with some credit facility and loyalty bonus as additional income.Nmart also have introduced Repurchase inventory up to 15 levels, to encourage product purchases through their retail outlets. There are awards and rewards also in addition to all above
income. So, the only challenge here is how fast NMart establishes their retail outlets to enable their members see their dream come true.

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  1. When NMart is going to open their store in Salem, Tamilnadu?

  2. I think the Salem store will be operational in next few months. Any other store is coming up in Tamilnadu?

  3. nmart always delays opening stores and whats the point doing nmart. not even a single store in tamilnadu as of date. people from chennai are forced to go to tirupathi to buy the products.

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