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Recent Update - Speak Asia Online

This is the first video message by Tarak Bajpai for all the SpeakAsians. The recent update is, Court has rejected the request of police to extend the custody. Mr Tarak Bajpai and other officials granted judicial custody for next 2 days. Bail application accepted by the court. Proceedings regarding bail hearing on 25th August. SpeakAsia lawyer had meeting with Public Prosecutor to end this on going problem for once and all. There will not be any arrest for any other complaints. We are still waiting for an update on the outcome of this meeting.


  1. Good news ! Thanks

  2. I invested 2.5 Lakhs in Speak Asia and got back only 45k. Really don't know whether I will get my money back or not? Any news please post me.


  3. I hope Tarak Bajpai will take positive actions after his release.

    Kalyan, Surat

  4. Rahul...there is no chance for your money to come back. Don't get into the false hopes.

  5. I invested Rs.51,000/- and has 5 panels. I spent lot of time on surveys. Will I get my money back?

    Saravanan, Coimbatore

  6. SAOL is a Disaster. Don't hope any more.

    Mahim, Bangalore

  7. Bechaara Bajpai...baaki sab bhaag gaye ye phans gaya.

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