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Simply brings you earning opportunities

Forex Master offers weekly 4% to 20% on one year principal

Trade Asian Forex follows International Multi Level Marketing payout rule of 70:30. This means company will pay 70% of income to all working and non-working clients as per Company payroll norms.

1. Promotion Income - Regular 10% + Lifestyle offer 2% = Total 12%
2. Binary Income 15% - 1:2 or 2:1 eligibility with pair income of SGD $100 weekly capping up to 200 pairs.

All Payroll carried tay All payroll carried to client by E-Wallet on every Saturday. Deduction of 2.14% in favor of company for transfer cum service charges. Indian client has to pay 10.36% of service charge for service tax to Govt of India.Company bank transfer requests will be available on every 16th and 30th day of month.

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