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Binary or Matrix (Board) Plans - which one is better?

Making a decision to join a new MLM company is really tough as you always have a thinking in your mind that "Whether this plan will really work?" or "How long this plan will run?" Although there are various kind of marketing plans available, you can classify them in to two broad catagories:

1. Product based plan - based on PV/BV (PV - Point Value, BV - Business Value)
2. Binary plan or Board plan (Matrix plan)

Leaving the first category we will analyze here which is a better option to choose - Binary or Matrix plan? A binary plan starts with a pyramid like structure with your placement on top position under which there will be two positions vacant to fill. Your main job in binary is to fill your left and right. You have to help the two persons to duplicate the same and hence the team grows down the line. You can introduce your third friend only under any of the two friends. A Matrix plan also looks similar to a binary plan, but technically it is totally different from binary concepts. Typically a matrix follows the auto filling concept making the network to grow horizontally from top. Hence, the possibility of getting a spill-over from your upline is more in a matrix plan. Generally, matrix plans offers payouts upon completion of a rotational matrix. For eg, in a 1 x 2 matrix,  you get paid when you complete two under you. You will get a rebirth in a new rotational matrix in which again auto filling will happen and you get paid for every completion of your matrix.

So, in binary, your earnings will be slow in the beginning. You will have to put your hard efforts to develop your team in the initial period. This is very important in binary plan, otherwise you and your team lose interest and quit. You will realize the fruits of your efforts coming in binary after several months when you actually see duplication happening at your unlimited depth. Matrix plans has the challenge of retaining leaders on a longer run. But matrix plans are very attractive as it offers protection to investors due to faster returns in the beginning. It quickly attracts new people, but the real challenge lies in retaining the team. Majority of people working for matrix plans realizes this only after few months of their joining. They simply thinks that duplication will happen automatically and they will get paid month after month, but there is a big difference between their first payment and second payment which is not the case in binary plan.

Hence, binary plan yields better results than matrix plans on a longer run. If you decide to work with your team, choose a binary plan. If you decide not to work, and if you are looking for faster return of your investment, you can try matrix plan. In the recent days, I have seen few companies coming up with a hybrid plan model (Binary + Matrix) which may turn out to be a successful marketing strategy.

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