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New Company launching - Leaders Wanted.

A new company is launching with binary plan on September 1, 2011 with communication products. In the next few days, the company's website will be launched. Joining amount will be close to Rs.2000/- The company has registered an Office in Chennai,Tamilnadu and planning to conduct meetings in all major cities in India. They are targeting all kind of people including College Students, Working professionals, Housewives, Retired, Businessman, Part-time workers and MLM networkers.The company has set a strong vision and very carefully designed the marketing plan keeping in mind on a long term growth. If you are interested to take a leading position in this launch, please fill the below form immediately. You will be contacted by one of the board members of the company's directly.

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Binary or Matrix (Board) Plans - which one is better?

Making a decision to join a new MLM company is really tough as you always have a thinking in your mind that "Whether this plan will really work?" or "How long this plan will run?" Although there are various kind of marketing plans available, you can classify them in to two broad catagories:

1. Product based plan - based on PV/BV (PV - Point Value, BV - Business Value)
2. Binary plan or Board plan (Matrix plan)

Leaving the first category we will analyze here which is a better option to choose - Binary or Matrix plan? A binary plan starts with a pyramid like structure with your placement on top position under which there will be two positions vacant to fill. Your main job in binary is to fill your left and right. You have to help the two persons to duplicate the same and hence the team grows down the line. You can introduce your third friend only under any of the two friends. A Matrix plan also looks similar to a binary plan, but technically it is totally different from binary concepts. Typically a matrix follows the auto filling concept making the network to grow horizontally from top. Hence, the possibility of getting a spill-over from your upline is more in a matrix plan. Generally, matrix plans offers payouts upon completion of a rotational matrix. For eg, in a 1 x 2 matrix,  you get paid when you complete two under you. You will get a rebirth in a new rotational matrix in which again auto filling will happen and you get paid for every completion of your matrix.

So, in binary, your earnings will be slow in the beginning. You will have to put your hard efforts to develop your team in the initial period. This is very important in binary plan, otherwise you and your team lose interest and quit. You will realize the fruits of your efforts coming in binary after several months when you actually see duplication happening at your unlimited depth. Matrix plans has the challenge of retaining leaders on a longer run. But matrix plans are very attractive as it offers protection to investors due to faster returns in the beginning. It quickly attracts new people, but the real challenge lies in retaining the team. Majority of people working for matrix plans realizes this only after few months of their joining. They simply thinks that duplication will happen automatically and they will get paid month after month, but there is a big difference between their first payment and second payment which is not the case in binary plan.

Hence, binary plan yields better results than matrix plans on a longer run. If you decide to work with your team, choose a binary plan. If you decide not to work, and if you are looking for faster return of your investment, you can try matrix plan. In the recent days, I have seen few companies coming up with a hybrid plan model (Binary + Matrix) which may turn out to be a successful marketing strategy.

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Speak Asia Latest updates as on 30/08/2011

At this critical point of time when the fierce battle is going on in legal arena when not many concrete updates are coming we would like to provide you with following news which should keep you away from any rumor:

1. As lot of rumor is going on that the COO Mr. Tarak Bajpayee has been released on bail by Supreme court on 29/08/2011 is not true. We have authentic information from the official SAOL sources that nothing of that sort has happened. Though he is expected to get the anticipatory bail very soon which will stop all the arrest apprehensions from across India by various state police in similar cases.

2. The control of the website is still not with the SAOL management so only panelists are facing problems which are pure technical in nature. There is nothing to panic because of website not being functioning properly because as soon as we get some relief on the battle field of the law correcting a website is peanut.

3. There are hearing of cases going on in various courts of laws in India related to SAOL and till now nothing has been proved against of Speak Asia in any court of law. Any learned person in India knows very well that any court would not deliver its judgement merely based upon negative campaigning by media against any entity. It will go through each and every fine detail of the facts before delivering the final judgement. Looking at the current scenario of SAOL case victory in court is sure but no one in this world can give a date.

4. Speak Asia Panelists Association (AISPA) has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) before the Honorable High Court at Mumbai which is now posted for 7th September, 2011, when the Government of Maharashtra is to file its reply. Apart from this some of the panelists have independently moved the Honorable Supreme court and are in the process of filing a PIL before the Supreme Court asking for ad interim relief and requested that the money which is seized by the authorities in India be brought under the custody of the Supreme court and under its supervision be distributed among the panelists.

5. As per our official sources we can expect some critical and probably good news on the legal front in this week. So stay tuned with only reliable media and do not pay attention to rumors and for god shake you don't join the people who spread rumors for cheap publicity of themselves and play with the emotions of millions of innocent investors across our country.


Growmax from Mumbai offers a range of products under Binary Plan

You can join GrowMax (based in Mumbai) by purchasing Life Insurance plan of Reliance, Birla & Future generally by paying premium of  Rs. 10000/- (PV 1950). If You Make Your 1st Pair within 30 Days of Joining you will Get Extra Rs.4000/-* as Fast Start Bonus. For example, If 2000 associates join within a month and among them 120 People completes first Working Incentive set within 30 days, then each people will get 2000 x Rs.50 = Rs.1,00,000/120 = Rs.833 each. You will get Maximum Rs.4000 or bonus for 12 months whichever earlier. Every Direct Referred after 3 direct will be considered as Refer by you. You can refer as many as Refer under you. This reference will be placed extreme left or right and it will pay you Referral Bonus Income and Working Incentive pair income You can earn maximum up to Rs.2000*/- per Refer or the amount as per following calculation, up to 12 months whichever earlier.  
Royalty 1
When you make 250 pair you will get 1% of our product & packages sell on a month. *To qualify for Royalty next month onwards you have to make 2 directs or 25 pairs. The Royalty amount will be distributed amongst all Royalty Achievers.

Royalty 2
When you make 750 pair you will get additional 1% of our product & packages sell on a month. *To qualify for Royalty next month onwards you have to make 4 directs or 80 pairs. The Royalty amount will be distributed amongst all Royalty Achievers.

Royalty 3
When you make 1250 pair you will get additional 1% of our product & packages sell on a month. *To qualify for Royalty next month onwards you have to make 6 directs or 120 pairs. The Royalty amount will be distributed amongst all Royalty Achievers. 
The rewards offered by Growmax are reasonable good and achievable for any decent net-worker. The website is looking a bit unprofessional with spelling mistakes which causes serious concerns for those who look for a professional tone in the business. However, these things can be easily addressed by the company Management with proper corrective actions. 
For Pre-Launch joining Idea post paid connection and Reliance USB Data card absolutly free.

Please fill below form if you want to join Growmax. We will forward your enquiry immediately to Growmax:

Ten Ways To Earn From MonaVie - Launching in India

Official Announcement has been made to launch MonaVie India, the last week of October or 1st week of November 2011.MonaVie is a revolutionary health juice drink. Scientifically Proven. Creating incredible Health Results for MILLIONS of daily consumers. Patented, exclusive blend of 19 fruits centered around the Brazilian Acai Berry. Incredibly, drinking just 2 ounces (60ml) twice a day delivers the SAME amount of High Antioxidants to your body as 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Product ranges from Monavie Health Juices, Monavie Energy drinks and Monavie Weight Solution.The MonaVie Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.There are 10(ten) ways to earn from MonaVie Business Compensation Plan:

  1. Direct Sales and Preferred Customer Bonus
  2. Top Retailer Bonus
  3. Bulk Order Bonus (BOB)
  4. First Order Bonus
  5. Star Maker Bonus
  6. Team Bonus
  7. Growth Bonus
  8. Executive Check Match Bonus
  9. Leadership Bonus
  10. Multiple Business Centers 
The company is in pre-launch status, but you can still join for free to reserve your position. Visit the website below and submit your details. The company will contact you when the start the operations in India.

Please fill below form if you want to join Monavie. We will forward your enquiry to Monavie team:

Recent Update - Speak Asia Online

This is the first video message by Tarak Bajpai for all the SpeakAsians. The recent update is, Court has rejected the request of police to extend the custody. Mr Tarak Bajpai and other officials granted judicial custody for next 2 days. Bail application accepted by the court. Proceedings regarding bail hearing on 25th August. SpeakAsia lawyer had meeting with Public Prosecutor to end this on going problem for once and all. There will not be any arrest for any other complaints. We are still waiting for an update on the outcome of this meeting.

NMart from Surat is growing all over India.

NMart is a retail based MLM operating headquartered from surat, Gujarat. To become an associate of N Mart one has to pay Rs 5500/-. An e-pin will be issued to you along with a welcome kit for enrolling as an associate of N Mart. N Mart Retail stores offer you all Branded Product range of more than 5000 varieties under one roof. Like : FMCG, Garments, Fashion, Grocery, Crockery, Electronic, Vegetables, Eatables, etc. on discount rate.There are 137 retail stores coming up all over India. Some of them are already operational.
Nmart offers simple binary plan with 1:1 pair commission Rs.600/- with conditions apply. By joining, you get 48 free vouchers of Rs.220/- which can be spent in a span of 48 months time. You also get a smart card with some credit facility and loyalty bonus as additional income.Nmart also have introduced Repurchase inventory up to 15 levels, to encourage product purchases through their retail outlets. There are awards and rewards also in addition to all above
income. So, the only challenge here is how fast NMart establishes their retail outlets to enable their members see their dream come true.

 For More Details, Visit:

Get Freedom brings I.T. Solutions products in to Binary MLM

Get Freedom from Allahabad focuses on products such as I.T. Solutions, Wellness, FMCG and Investments. Plan is based on binary income with a joining package of Rs.2500/- in which a lifetime Id, health checkup and discount coupon worth Rs.2000/-. Binary income per pair is Rs.1000/- with weekly ceiling of Rs.50000/- . One can take any number of Ids and there is no trimming applicable. First pair being calculated as 1:2 or 2:1.In addition to above income, one can earn from Generation income paid up to 8 levels and attractive rewards are available for achievers.

Chitika Online Advertising Network from Hyderabad

Chitika Launches Local Ad Exchange - Bringing a new focus to your local traffic. Start Earning Revenue From Your Website Traffic. Display search targeted, mobile and local ads that are suited to your audience's interests, and earn revenue.Start Targeting Online Consumers. Target and connect online consumers looking for you across our network of over 100,000 websites.Chitika Mobile Ads Now Available To All Publishers - Ads that automatically transform for your mobile traffic.

Make money when you share videos on Facebook, Twitter & MySpace!

Make money on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & MySpace - OFFICIAL LAUNCH!Simply click on Connect and tell us where you want us to send your paychecks. From the moment you connect to this app, you can start receiving money when you SHARE videos. Simply keep on sharing videos with your Facebook & Twitter friends, just as usual. The only difference You get to receive money.

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The Future plan of SAOL

After getting bail from Mumbai High court, Tarak Bajpai has taken some steps-
1. SpeakAsia has asked RBI again to permit the remittance of Payments (dated 19th August 2011)
2. He is already informed that the website will be hand over to SAOL management with in Few days.
3. Speak Asia is trying to get the YUG products from port.
4. Top leaders and the Speak Asia panelist associations are going to meet with Tarak Bajpai.
5. All panelist are awaiting for getting the due payments, that is why, SAOL management are trying to get the RBI, EoW clearance for PE, which is in LOOP.
6. Tarak Bajpai will give a positive news (via Presentation) to all panelist but he is awaiting for Green signal from the RBI and EoW. He is not allowed to organise any meeting or presentation right now.
7. Mrs. Haren and Manoj Kumar are planning to come back to India if her lawyers allow her to come back from Dubai.
8. They are not allowed to permit payout before PE.
9. No New Investigation is required by EoW, but they are expecting POSITIVE news from High Court.

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Shiksha Ka Shogun Edutional Trust on MLM from Noida

Shiksha Ka Shogun Education is launching an Office in Noida, U.P. is focused to offer education packages through multi level marketing. It offers five kind of income as with Registration Amount Rs.100/- + Educational Package Rs.3900/-
  • Learn & Earn Income - Rs.750 + Rs.500 on passing tests conducted every Thursday.
  • Direct Spill Income - Rs.200/-
  • Binary Income - Rs.500 per pair (1:1), first pair 1:2 or 2:1 with daily 20 pairs capping.
  • Royalty Income - Gold & Silver Royalty Income.
  • Rewards Income - Mobile, Laptop and Car.
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Forex Master offers weekly 4% to 20% on one year principal

Trade Asian Forex follows International Multi Level Marketing payout rule of 70:30. This means company will pay 70% of income to all working and non-working clients as per Company payroll norms.

1. Promotion Income - Regular 10% + Lifestyle offer 2% = Total 12%
2. Binary Income 15% - 1:2 or 2:1 eligibility with pair income of SGD $100 weekly capping up to 200 pairs.

All Payroll carried tay All payroll carried to client by E-Wallet on every Saturday. Deduction of 2.14% in favor of company for transfer cum service charges. Indian client has to pay 10.36% of service charge for service tax to Govt of India.Company bank transfer requests will be available on every 16th and 30th day of month.

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Fanslave - Free Affiliate Program offers Lifetime-Commission: 15%

Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send your referral link to your friends, or use the link on your website. Every user who registers at fanSlave by clicking this link is assigned to you. Lifetime-Commission: 15%.You earn money when users earn or buy credits at fanSlave. Example: You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission. The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission. Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR! New: Get commission by referring resellers If you refer a reseller, you will get a lifetime-commission (1,5%) for all customers / users the reseller refers.

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Speak Asia Online COO MR.Tarak Bajpai released on bail.

Speak Asia Online COO Mr.Tarak Bajpai has been released on bail on August 19, 2011. All members who were arrested along-with Mr.Tarak Bajpai are free now. All speak asians believe that Mr.Tarak will put immediate efforts to get clearance from RBI and registration at ROC. Further, necessary steps should be taken to clear the pending payments and start to expand Speak Asia operations throughout the country.
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Club 9 - 3 x 2 Rotational matrix plan with product as Tours & Train tickets.

Club9 Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd is from Hyderabad has total 9 clubs. A person can join in any Club.Every Club has attractive Product.Every Club is filled through forced (automatically filled) 3x2 matrix with/without work.Every working person has 4 types of earning opportunities.Joining Amount Rs.2500/- for Bronze club.

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Club Wealth Wheels - First time MLM on Car discounts, Rewards & Lifestyle

Own the CAR of your DREAMS and live the LIFESTYLE you DESERVE! Club Wealth Wheels is the WORLD'S FIRST "INSTANT PAY" CAR REWARDS PROGRAM. The Pay Plan is fueled by TWO Primary Income Streams.Weekly Rewards and Annual Rewards. Weekly rewards are classified as:
  1. Sprint Start - 5% allocation
  2. Cruise Control - 40% allocation
  3. Turbo Boost - 18% allocation

Download Plan:   


Top Promoter:

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Everyone Can Succeed in FeedyCash

FEEDYCASH - Powerful and easy program which can turn one time $19 into $20,000 over & over again. This program is simply powerful yet easy to use and can generate lots of revenue for anyone and everyone who puts in a small effort.Instant Payment daily 24 hours a day You are never working alone. Your Upline and Downline will be filling your Tiers for you. Spillover will come from your Upline as they fill their Tiers. Spillunder will come from your Downline as they Build their team. Easy to management your team. Tranfer Downline included. Buy/ Sell Downline.

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Lakshaya Vardhan launched Hybrid Binary and Matrix Plan

Lakshaya Vardhan is a new MLM company from Indore, M.P offers Binary Income.To qualify for the incentive, Distributor should have at least 300PV in their structure with a minimum of 100PV on both sides.There after every package sales of Binary pair (left and right side) will receive approximately.Every Saturday midnight will be sales closing period.The Maximum payout per day for a distributor will be 2000PV (10 pairs)Trimming will be applicable if necessary.The Maximum payout per day for a distributor will be 2000PV (10 pairs)

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World Vision - New Binary plan from Santa, (M.P)

World Vision is a company from Santa, M.P offers products such as Induction cooker, Bio magnetic bracelet, Mini laptop and Nano card. Joining is By buying a Product.Member can join World Vision using Registration PIN of Rs 4,000.00. Each member will get 1 NANO Card against Rs 4,000.00 joining.When you make the payment of balance amount to company. Company will provide you with the product of your choice. Binary pair income of Rs.700/- per pair with weekly capping of 100 pairs. First pair being 1:2 or 2:1. Additional income is also possible from Products sold , support income and rewards also available.

New Survey company from Udaipur, Rajasthan with Products

GRM Planet from Udaipur, Rajasthan offers a new binary plan with Reebok Watch and Bio energy card as their products. Joining is Rs.4001/- with pair commission as Rs.500/- and weekly capping Rs.50000/-. First pair is calculated as 1:2 or 2:1. In addition, the company offers a spill income of Rs.250/- for each direct referral.Every week you can complete two opinions for which you get Rs.500/- (Rs.250/- for each opinion). The opinion income is available for 52 weeks.

Quiz Master - New Survey plan from Haryana

Registration Charges - Rs.300/- Package Cost Rs.2500/-. Registered  users recieve 1 quiz every day from Monday to Friday. Every correct response gives you Rs. 100/-, thereby giving an opportunity to earn Rs. 500/- per week. Quiz Money is transferred instantly to your Quiz Wallet.1st Pair on 1 : 2 or 2 : 1 Left : Right.Then onwards 1 : 1 Left : Right.Pair Rate Rs. 500/- each.Capping 15 Pairs Daily.Quiz Wallet to Cash Wallet Transfer could be done in multiples of Rs. 2,000/-

Virgin Video Ads offers payment within 72 hours.

Earn Rs.2000/- to Rs.20000/- just by watching video ads.Your income will be processed within 72 hours of withdrawal. Avail  a special holiday package for 2 nights and 3 days all over the world. Virgin Ads also offers 10% Spot commission and 10% Binary commission.


EURASIA CREATIONS - Adview opportunity from Gurgoan

Eurasia Creations India Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of Internet Marketing & Advertising. Eurasia Creations has had a presence in India for the past 3 months and growing at a steady pace. The company is a legally enlisted body registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
There are two ways by which you can make substantial income with Eurasia Creations:
1) You need to click on the links on your profile & view them for 60 seconds.
2) You can refer other members to us to gain extra earnings.


MFA - Product based MLM from New Delhi

Make People Healthy! Earn huge Income while earning people's blessings!Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops (Family Reserve) is the authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, Great-Salt-Lake-sourced, full-spectrum mineral complex made with love and care by the Hartley Anderson family.
Many Indians has given good testimonials about the products in the website. Check the website for more details.


Voice of People - New Survey company from Singapore

Voice of People have devised the compensation plan in such a way that fulfills the need of every level of panelists. The process of taking Consumer Feedbacks with them start with a simple registration process, after completing which you become eligible for taking weekly Consumer Feedbacks.
Each person who joins will be called as Panelists. To earn money online, panelists have to register. There are two types of panelist registrations:
  •  Single Joining @ $20
  •  Tripod @ $55
Panelist will get the online version of Voice of people Startup Manual for online income at the time of registration.
Panelist has to upgrade subscription of Voice of People E magazine to avail Consumer Feedback Income


Viacom Global - Adview company from USA

Viacom Global is an online referral marketing company markets its products through its distributors, who find their customers by referring with people. This serves as free advertising for the company, a cost savings that the company passes back to its distributors as commissions and bonuses.
There are thousands of people all over the world, who have access to full-time income on the Internet, and thousands of people have income for part-time and make money online, and the best thing of this income is that it is easy, convenient and you are also at your home.
You participate in advertisements; Viacom will be rewarded for watching the online advertisements.
Viacom participate with manufacturers of products and service providers for their products & services advertisement
You will get to click and watch advertisement every week. All viewing of advertisement will make you earn on a weekly basis.
Every advertisement will make your earn 8$ on every week.
You can also earn an extra income by referring your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist.


Global FX Trades offers 2% daily returns

Global FX Trades offers 2.0% fixed daily interest with Package term 100 business days.
  • Interest is paid 5 days a week.
  • Minimum deposit is $110.
  • $25,000 Maximum per deposit.
  • Withdrawals are almost instant.
  • Principal will be returned after 100 Business days.
  • $10 Registration Fee.
  • 7% Referral Commission.
  • 10 % Binary Commission.
  • Instant Referral Commission.
  • Binary is paid Everyday. (Min Matching $500 )
  • No Internal Transfer Fee

Onus offers income through Binary and Royalty

OMSPL Business System की शुरूआत करने के लिये आपको Company का कोई भी एक Product लेना होता है, Product के साथ ही आपको I.D. No. (Online Registration) मिलता है। अलग-अलग Product के आधार पर Company आपकी Online I.D. पर अलग-अलग P. V. निर्धारित करती है। जिसका विवरण आप Product List में देख सकते हैं।

With Varolo, you can earn money with Jackpots and Prices

  • Varolo is completely, 100% free!
  • Fill out your free profile so advertisers can send you ads based on you and your interests.
  • Advertisers are paying you to watch ads rather than television networks and other advertising mediums
  • Each ad you watch gives you a chance to win a huge weekly jackpot.
  • You can build a village of friends you have invited to Varolo and earn money on each ad they watch. Your village consists of your friends, their friends, their friends, and even their friends!

GAMIL - First time an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company in MLM

The CONCEPT is to get your own website developed through us and learn the principles and techniques of Affiliate Marketing ( start your own online business ) or hand it over to Gamil's expert team. Gamil will develop the portal as per your specifications or if you do not wish to share any detail, they will develop the site as per our specifications to ensure maximum revenue generation by implementing SEO, SEM and Mailer Marketing Guidelines on various advertisements that we will publish on your site. Gamil will also offer you an additional Advertising income wherein just by logging into your mails and by reading advertisements, signing up, sharing opinions, playing games and by downloading application you can earn on a regular basis.

Cyberpay - Union Payment System

If you want to start your own business in the field of payment processing, Cyberpay would like you to consider becoming their Agent. This partnership requires minimal expenses from the Agent. Cyberpay provide you with a ready-to-use payment processing package, including the station and the software. 
You have to enter into an agreement: you provide a place in a high-traffic area to install payment terminal, and Cyberpay ensure the terminal’s ongoing and effective operation.


Ad Junction - Online Video Advertising Network

Ad Junction Online is an innovative platform that brings video advertisers and consumers together. After developing and thoroughly testing the system, it is launched in early 2011.

The Admatrix India Operations started

The AdMatrix is a service that enables television advertisement watchers to directly benefit from their viewing experience. Our motto is “watch ads and get paid for it!  Members can also invite other friends, family and relatives to become paid watchers of advertisements and earn substantial money from this activity. Naturally the bigger the watchers community you build, the larger your reward. 

BJP seeks FIR against Speak Asia accused for economic offenses

In the backdrop of reports of the alleged scam at the Singapore-based online survey company Speak Asia, the BJP today demanded the accused be booked for economic offenses. In a memorandum submitted to the Superintendent of Police of the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) Manoj Singh, theMadhya Pradesh convener of BJP Investment Cell Mukesh Singh Rajawat said an FIR be registered against the company for the alleged fraud.

News source: - Advertising that Pays

ClixSense is one of the oldest and most trusted PTC (Paid To Click) websites online. Our advertisers pay you to view their websites. Free Sign Up.

Member Benefits
  • Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available
  • Earn Up To $0.02 Per Click and Up To $0.01 Per Referral Click
  • Earn Even More With Our Affiliate Program
  • Payments Via Check, Alertpay and PayPal
  • Win Daily Prizes Up To $5.00
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals
  • Guaranteed Ads Daily 

AG Traders, Bangladesh - New MLM Launch

Agtraders Ltd. is a Multi Level Marketing company which has just started its business in Bangladesh to achieve the highest level of success by its hard work as well as by dint of the dedicated members of Agragati group of company.

The plan of Agtraders on behalf of trading is very simple.

Channel One Global Limited

Mind blowing business Hongkong based world basic NGO funding by UNICEF, WHO,REDCROSS, The world bank, etc., is at MLM. Just reply to quiz every Saturday through your mobile only. Earn 40% every month till 12 months weekly payout, 10% SPON, 10% Binary, Level income from sponsoring and rewards.

Speakasia Letter to RBI

Letter from Speak Asia Online Pvt Ltd to the Reserve Bank Of India Governor.